Loot Tables


Gelidra Slot Type Role
Touch of the Frozen North Gloves Cloth Dps
Ice-Hardened Gauntlets Gloves Plate Tank
Screeching Predator's Clutches Gloves Leather Dps
Gauntlets of Stormbound Vapors Gloves Chain Tank
Winter's Cruel Grasp Gloves Chain Dps
Grips of Frostbite Gloves Plate Dps
Icy Zephyr Handwraps Gloves Leather Tank
Gelidra's Sharpened Anklet Belt Plate Dps
Linked Belt of Cold Storms Belt Chain Dps
Snowbound Avalanche Belt Belt Leather Dps
Waistplate of Malleable Ice Belt Plate Tank
Cord of Frozen Feathers Belt Cloth Dps
Glittering Icebound Waistguard Belt Chain Tank
Cinch of the Stormbird Belt Leather Tank
Arcbound Knuckle Ring Rogue Dps
Band of Hoarfrost Ring Warrior Dps
Frosted Talonbone Ring Ring Rogue Tank
Hardened Frostblood Circle Ring Cleric Tank
Loop of Shrouding Wind Ring Cleric Dps
Signet of Voltaic Channeling Ring Mage Dps
Mark of the Wind Ring Warrior Tank